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About Us

Just a Click Away From Market

UdaipurE bazaar is dedicated for providing an online platform to the sellers of Udaipur City as well as to the buyers of their products. We are registered as Endemic Ebazar India Pvt. Ltd., and will act as a bridge between buyer &sellers with business model of business to consumers (B2C). UdaipurEbazaar intends to become a one stop destination for the consumers where we are the largest catalog of all business houses carrying trade activities in Udaipur city.

Board of Directors

Company’s Director:- Ramesh Purswani
Worked as Dy. J.K. Cement Works, Nimbahera.
Retd. on 31st July 2014.

Our Website

We will execute this work through e-commerce website The website has a distinctive feature of having only the business houses of Udaipur City listed on website for sale of their products. at the other end will enable the retailers to provide a more holistic shopping experience to customers, which is leading to high levels of customer engagement. The other exclusive features of this website is that it displays the shops marketwise and not just the products directly. This would benefit the shop in its advertising and will catalyze high sales. With all the available three search options, the shop of the vendor will be directly visible to the buyer. The responsibility of delivering the products will be borne by Udaipur E The vendor page, product page and the category page provides a complete look on the features like colors, size and looks of the product. The area or market page reflects the types and names of the registered shops present in that market and provide a feel of being in the market to the customer.

For the customers residing outside Udaipur and for the distinguished guests of Udaipur specially the tourists who are not aware of the market specifics of Udaipur City, for them our website will act as a source of information and they may order for their products by using the right category of their products.

Delivery Option:

We are not limited to the ease of ordering/information of products to the customers but we will also provide prompt delivery of the products ordered by the customers at their place.

Our Delivery Partner:

The responsibility of delivering goods is taken by our delivery partner Ebazar Express. Ebazar Expresss ensures quick delivery generating maximum customer satisfaction level.

Our vendors:

Our Vendors will be the shopkeepers carrying their trade activities in Udaipur city.

Our Customers: will provide its services to all the local customers of Udaipur as well as for the customers outside Udaipur. The Category/product range available for sale will vary with the registration of Vendors and will be updated regularly.